Welcome to Body n’Sync, a Pilates, Therapy and Wellness studio based right in the heart of the Singapore CBD.

Helping our clients to move and feel better every day.



A place to nurture minds, rejuvenate bodies, and refresh spirits.

Body n’Sync is a holistic Pilates, Therapy and Wellness studio. It is our mission to help you move and feel better every day.

We specialise in Pilates, from private one-to-one classes to group mat and equipment classes and corporate wellness workshops. Our instructors are all certified, experienced and offer a range of teaching styles and specialties to suit our many clients. No matter if you are young adults looking for some hardcore abs training or seniors looking for Active Aging Programs, speak with us.

As part of our Body n’Sync wellness services we also provide Trigger Point Release Therapy, Deep Muscle Release Sports Massage and Physiotherapy.  Our dedicated and experienced therapists, physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors work very closely together to provide a customised, holistic wellness plan for every customer and as a result of such as integrated effort, our customers are able to train and also release muscle. Some examples of the conditions that our frequent customers have are frozen shoulder, lower back pain, tight muscles etc.

In addition we are a Pilates Instructor Training School, dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge of the Pilates Method. Our full, in-depth Teacher Training Program is designed to prepare all our students for the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) and meet the highest standards of Pilates Teaching.

Interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor?