Jasmine Lai – Senior Instructor

Becoming a fitness instructor was never on Jasmine’s list of life goals in the early days. Yet, after a chance encounter with Pilates, she left her full-time desk job to pursue a training course in Pilates. A year later, Jasmine graduated as a certified Pilates instructor. That year, she also attained a certification in Basic Sports Science giving her a deeper knowledge of human biomechanics and nutrition.

Jasmine completed a TRX Suspension Training Course in 2016, as well as certifying in Pre and Post-natal Pilates . Most recently, in 2018, Jasmine completed her American Council of Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT) certification.

Her diverse fitness background makes her a versatile instructor who is able to create customised fitness plans for clients of any physical fitness level. A passionate instructor, Jasmine’s goal is to let her clients feel powerful and happy about the effort they are putting into exercise. Coupled with her energising personality and motivational teaching style, this makes Jasmine an ideal instructor for those who want to feel empowered and in charge of their own fitness journey!

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