Belle Lee – Senior Therapist & Trigger Point Release Specialist

Belle has always been an active and sporty individual. A Malaysian, she came to Singapore in her early twenties to seek work. Her long working hours in a slimming centre aggravated old injuries sustained in an accident in her late teens. Over time, she developed bone spurs and was forced to stop working.

Belle took the opportunity to learn new skills in therapeutic massage and sports therapy. She set forth honing her skills and learning new techniques from renowned masters. Over the next 15 years, she traveled to many countries, increasing her knowledge and repertoire with further training and additional skills.

Now the most highly sought-after trigger point release therapist at Body n’Sync, Belle has not stopped in her learning journey. In 2015, she undertook a Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage with ITEC. She also regularly attends workshops and courses to further improve her skillset.

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