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In my younger days, I carried and fixed air-con units for a living. Now, I’m 54 years old and retired, but because of my past job, I have very severe back pain from lumbar disc protrusions. Just walking short distances will trigger the pain, and sometimes it’s so bad that I can’t sleep and have to take medication. I’ve seen many doctors, specialists, physiotherapists and chiropractors but the effects of their treatments don’t last long and my pain always comes back. Earlier this year, I was scheduled for back surgery, but my sister-in-law asked me to try the services at Body n’Sync. I thought, “What have I got to lose?”


Scaling New Heights

January 4, 2016
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I had a total knee replacement 4-5 years ago because of knee pain and difficulty in climbing up and downstairs. My doctor recommended I have the operation because I’ve had knee pain for 10 years and medication and glucosamine supplements were not helpful. After the operation, I was able to get around with the aid of a baby buggy, but after some time my right knee pain came back — worse still, now my left knee was starting to give me problems too!

My Pilates instructor recommended me to try the sports therapist she knows. Since seeing her, my leg pain is greatly reduced and I’m even able to climb stairs using alternate legs, instead of having to step up onto each stair with both feet! I was even recently able to take a trip to Vietnam, where I managed to climb to the top of a 200-stair statue!

I will continue to come here to improve the condition of my knees so that I can become pain-free once more! I have also recommended friends come here too!

Juliet Lim, 65, Homemaker


Standing Taller and Stronger

September 15, 2015
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I had a skiing accident in 2016 and sustained a slight tibial fracture and partial tear of my right ACL. After having my knee immobilised in a cast for 3 months, it was very weak, stiff and swollen. I saw a physiotherapist for 3 months after the cast was removed, but saw no improvement. I couldn’t even fully-straighten my leg. I was resigned to the fact that I would never regain the full strength and range in that leg. For a healthy and otherwise fit young man, it was a great blow to me.

A fellow teacher urged me to see the head instructor at her Pilates studio. At first, I was reluctant. If a medically-trained professional in a hospital couldn’t cure me, how could a fitness trainer help? My duties in school also kept me busy, but after months of continuous pain and weakness, I gave in and booked a session with Serene.

Immediately after that first session, my right leg was straighter and I was able to stand taller. My knee also felt less tight. Excited at the results, I continued with Pilates. As the days and weeks went by, I found my knee getting stronger and I was able to put more weight on my right leg. I’m now also better able to control my knee movements, and I hope to be able to eventually climb stairs with that leg again! (more…)

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