Utilises a Pilates Reformer machine to adjust resistance and difficulty levels via a system of springs, pulleys and rollers, and body weight. Great for those who prefer a greater degree of personal instruction, or wish to target specific areas for workouts. Also suitable for those undergoing rehabilitation, as the Reformer is able to compensate for body weakness in recovering or weakened individuals.

Available as:

  • – One-on-one private Classes
  • – Paired semi-private Classes

Matwork Pilates is a simple and affordable way to strengthen your core strength! We offer Matwork classes for various types of clientele, such as beginners, or those with specific conditions or health concerns. We also offer private group classes (e.g. for organisations, private groups, and events).

  • Studio Group Classes
    • – Beginner Matwork Classes
    • – General Matwork Classes
    • – Stretch & Tone Classes
    • – Pre-Natal Classes
    • – Active Aging Classes


  • Customised On-Site Classes*
    • – Corporate Bookings
    • – Private Group Bookings
    • *Customised classes are vailable in-studio or at the client’s location of choice

Introduction to Matwork and Pilates basics. It is suitable for those new to Pilates or who do not exercise regularly and who are jus beginning a regular exercise regime. Regular participation in Beginner Matwork classes will help ease the transition into our General Matwork classes.

Matwork Pilates that is suitable for those familiar with Pilates, who have built a foundation via our Beginner Matwork classes, or those who have an established level of fitness. This will provide additional challenges to core strength, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility!

A body-conditioning workout that combines regular Matwork Pilates with props, for a fun approach to exercise! Builds strength, stability, balance and flexibility, while also helping to tone the body. For an engaging Matwork regime, why not try a mix of regular Matwork and Stretch & Tone sessions?

A woman’s body changes drastically during pregnancy, and pre-natal women can have problems with balance, joint and back pain, or stress incontinence. Even post-partum ladies can suffer from weak abdominal and pelvic muscles, and lingering back pain following delivery. Pilates during and after pregnancy can help alleviate these problems and help mothers-to-be keep fit in a way that is safe for both mum and baby!

Pre-Natal Pilates is available as via Reformer Classes as well as Matwork Classes.

Much as we may not want to think about it, age can creep up on us. Making a conscious effort to stay fit can stave away common age-related problems such as stooped posture, back pain, generalised body weakness, and incontinence. It can also reduce risk of falls through improved balance, and reduce the chance of osteoporosis through resistance and weight-bearing exercises. Pilates is low-impact and joint-friendly, making it the perfect exercise for active agers!

Active Aging Pilates is available as via Reformer Classes as well as Matwork Classes.

A public group class isn’t for everyone, and we recognise that. Body n’Sync offers customised private classes just for you and your friends or colleagues!

Just gather a group of friends or colleagues that you want to work out with, let us know where you’d like to have the class and when, and we’ll arrange an instructor for your group! We can hold your private group class within our studio or at your own premises.

We recommend a maximum class size of 15 pax, so that our instructor is able to give each participant enough personal attention. But if you’re planning a larger group or event, we can send down additional instructors as necessary for a top-up charge (per additional instructor).

This is perfect for corporate events, team-building, or personal get-togethers and parties!

If you’ve got a passion for Pilates and want to turn your hobby into a career, Body n’Sync offers professional Pilates training courses for both Matwork and/or Reformer Pilates. Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion and be prepared to take the Pilates Method Alliance CPT exam!

  • – Matwork Pilates Instructor Course
  • – Reformer Pilates Instructor Course
  • – Combination Pilates Instructor Course (Matwork + Reformer)

More information on our Teachers Training Courses is available here.

Following an injury or chronic illness, parts of your body are naturally weaker, which can cause other muscles and structures in the body to compensate for the weakness. This can lead to imbalances in the overall muscles and joints in your body, and can result in further weakness and even pain and alignment disorders.

Physiotherapy is essential for retraining your injured or weakened body while not compromising unaffected parts of your body.

A recommended recovery pathway is to see a Physiotherapist following discharge/referral from your medical practitioner, and then Pilates for longer-term recovery.

Even without injury, tight muscles and stiff joints can affect your body’s ability to move and even cause pain! Our muscle release therapists are specially-trained in deep-tissue and sports massage and will be able to relieve these aches and pains!

You might want to consider seeing our Muscle Release Therapists, if you are experiencing:

  • – Joint restriction/immobility or pain due to muscle stiffness and tightness
  • – Muscle or body aches following sports/exercise/strenuous activity
  • – Muscle tightness due to postural habits, or body alignment conditions such as scoliosis, leg-length difference, etc.

We also have massage therapists who specialise in other areas, such as:

  • – Women’s ailments
  • – Relief of body ‘wind’
  • – Lymphatic drainage and body circulation

Cancellation Policy
Body n’Sync’s cancellation policy applies to all services provided by Body n’Sync, including but not exclusive to: Private and Paired Pilates classes, Group Pilates Equipment and Group Matwork classes, in-studio and external private and corporate classes, Muscle Release Therapy, and Physiotherapy sessions.

All cancellations made less than 12 business hours prior to the commencement of the appointment will be subject to forfeiture of the appointment fee (for package holders) or subject to a cancellation fee equal to that of the appointment fee (for non-package holders). No-show appointments will be considered as cancelled appointments and similarly subject to our cancellation policy.

Latecomers will be charged the full appointment rate for their booked appointment unless advised otherwise. An extension of appointment may be offered at the therapist’s/instructor’s discretion, subject to scheduling availability.

There will be no forfeiture to appointments cancelled by Body n’Sync due to unforeseen circumstances such as therapist/instructor sudden illness or emergencies, insufficient class size, delays due to breakdowns in transportation, etc. In such circumstances, replacement appointments will be offered where available.


Package Purchase
All Body n’Sync package purchases are final and non-refundable. Packages may be converted to other Body n’Sync services at the discretion of Body n’Sync management, based on a valid dollar to dollar value.

Body n’Sync reserves the right to substitute instructors without notice. All group classes are open to public booking and group class package holders may not restrict other Body n’Sync patrons from participating in a public group class. All private group classes will be subject to private class rates unless otherwise specified.

Body n’Sync packages are valid for one year from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated, after which any remaining value will be voided without refund. Extension of package validity may be requested in writing, with approval granted at the discretion of Body n’Sync management. Body n’Sync reserves the right to reject an appeal for extension.

Body n’Sync reserves the right to terminate without notice the package of any individual who displays abusive behaviour to Body n’Sync staff and/or patrons, or who violates the personal rights of said staff or patrons. Any package terminated due to such behaviour will be refunded based on to-date remaining dollar value. Body n’Sync reserves the right to withhold services to such an individual, and all upcoming appointments booked will be immediately cancelled and reopened to booking by other Body n’Sync patrons.

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