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Standing Taller and Stronger

September 15, 2015
Photo by Jasmina Rojko on Unsplash

I had a skiing accident in 2016 and sustained a slight tibial fracture and partial tear of my right ACL. After having my knee immobilised in a cast for 3 months, it was very weak, stiff and swollen. I saw a physiotherapist for 3 months after the cast was removed, but saw no improvement. I couldn’t even fully-straighten my leg. I was resigned to the fact that I would never regain the full strength and range in that leg. For a healthy and otherwise fit young man, it was a great blow to me.

A fellow teacher urged me to see the head instructor at her Pilates studio. At first, I was reluctant. If a medically-trained professional in a hospital couldn’t cure me, how could a fitness trainer help? My duties in school also kept me busy, but after months of continuous pain and weakness, I gave in and booked a session with Serene.

Immediately after that first session, my right leg was straighter and I was able to stand taller. My knee also felt less tight. Excited at the results, I continued with Pilates. As the days and weeks went by, I found my knee getting stronger and I was able to put more weight on my right leg. I’m now also better able to control my knee movements, and I hope to be able to eventually climb stairs with that leg again! (more…)

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