Peggy’s Pilates journey started in late 2010 when she attended her first session and found that it was more effective in overall core strengthening. She took a step forward to learn the Pilates Matwork and got herself certified in 2014. Her main goal is to share her knowledge and help people who want to keep fit in a safe and effective manner.

In 2018, she took a certification in Basic Sports Massage with International Sports Academy (ISA) and completed a Barre Instructor program. Her skills in massage and Barre complement the Pilates Matwork she teaches and allow her to be creative in her classes. Occasionally, you’ll catch her giving her clients a mini post work out shoulder massage to end off her session!

As a vegetarian, she believes in eating right (with the occasional indulgence), loves exploring new recipes, keeps herself fit by lots of walking and Pilates (of course!)

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