How to exercise for a Good Cause?

Did you know that you can do charity just by working out? At BodynSync, we believe in giving back to the community. We collaborate with to make giving simple, fun and meaningful for you. What could be better than doing charity and working out for yourself at the same time?

Join our training instructor matwork class at $5

100% of the proceeds go to charity.

When new students sign up for our Pilates instructor course, their last hurdle is to conduct “real” classes before they can graduate and be a certified instructor. With just $5, you can help them gain confidence, do some workout for yourself and give back to the society!

Continue to do Pilates with our Certified Pilates Instructor

What happens when training instructor graduates and become a certified instructor? Can I still do charity even when the training instructor graduates? Of course, for every session that you pay, $5 continues to go to the charity automatically.

How can I start working out and doing charity?

Drop us a WhatsApp message and say Pilates for Charity.