Serene Teo – Senior Instructor

Formerly working in logistics, Serene left her deskbound job in 2006 to begin her Pilates journey. An accredited instructor with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and a member of the Pilates Institute of America (PIA), Serene has trained with many well-known instructors and notable names in the Pilates world: Alan Herdman, Jay Grimes, Deborah Lessen, Michele Larsson and Pat Guyton. Her qualifications cover the full Pilates repertoire of equipment and exercises, including pre- and post-natal Pilates.

Serene has taught at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, the Centre for Women’s Fitness, Pilates Bodyworks, and now Body n’Sync. Serene is also the program director for the Body n’Sync Teacher Training Program and shares her extensive knowledge and passion for the Pilates method. 

In her decade of teaching expertise, Serene has taught a wide and varied range of people, from children to the elderly. Her diverse experience means that she can tailor her training to any type of client – from a recuperating athlete, to scoliotic student, a mum-to-be or to an aging elder looking to get fitter. 

“Different clients have different needs and training styles. I cannot expect one approach to work on everybody. It’s important for everyone to train in the way that is best suited for them.”